The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize The Public Awareness of Physics Awards

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The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize The Public Awareness of Physics Awards are made to individuals or groups from any career background, who have demonstrated outstanding inspiration, innovation and enthusiasm in promoting physics (or physical science) to the public. Examples of the types of activities for which awards may be considered include:

  • Facilitating public awareness of Physics, for example organising a public event, physics competition, hands-on physics-related workshop, physical demonstrations, etc.
  • Using visual and performing Arts (Music or Drama) related to Physics and novel ways to reach lay audiences or even the intellectually impaired.
  • Conducting Public Lectures/Talks, Writing of popular books, articles, etc
  • Development and delivery of visual Physics resource materials.
  • Developing Physics interactive toys and exhibits.



This award was instituted by the Council of the Institute in October 2004 in recognition of the importance of promoting public awareness of physics in the world, of its contributions to the quality of life and its advancement of an understanding of the physical world and the place of humanity within it.



The award shall be given annually for outstanding contributions made to enhance the public understanding of physics. Nominees need not be Elected Members of the Institute, nor do they need to be physicists or to have had any physics training - they just need to be excellent communicators! Members of the public are eligible to nominate and act as referees for the outstanding individual for this award. The award comprises The Cadi Scientific Medal, an IPS Certificate and a Prize of S$500/-.