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The Institute of Physics Awards and Medals

These awards and medals are given to individuals who have made significant contributions in the field of physics.

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The Purpose of IPS Awards

Every year, the Institute of Physics, Singapore, takes great pleasure in recognising and rewarding local physicists for outstanding achievements in their respective fields.

It is our objective to identify and honour physicists who are currently doing remarkable physics research and making innovative physics education contributions to encourage younger members of our local physics community to attain greater success in future as they probe the marvelous yet unknown frontiers of the physical Universe. Our purpose of identifying such potential award candidates increases the sense of camaraderie within our Institute and the celebration of these accomplishments serves to raise the profile of the Singapore physics community internationally.

The IPS Awards Committee would be delighted to welcome nominations for outstanding physics research and innovative physics education. Each nomination will be kept for 2 years for review.

May I invite you to nominate for an Institute Award those whom you hold in high esteem.

Professor Christian Kurtsiefer, President, IPS

The Awards


In August 2004, the Council of the Singapore Institute of Physics commissioned the President's Medal in the celebration of the Einstein World Year of Physics, 2005.


The Medal will be awarded on the recommendation of the President and approved by The Council. It can be given to both physicists and non-physicists who have provided meritorious services in all physics-related fields of endeavour which are of benefit to physics in general and the IPS. The first Awardee has received his/her Medal and IPS Certificate in 2005.

IPS Physics Education Awards

  • The Crescendas Medal and Prize for Outstanding Physics Teacher (Junior Colleges).
  • The Crescendas Medal and Prize for Outstanding Physics Teacher (Secondary Schools).
  • The Crescendas Medal and Prize for Outstanding Engineering Physics Teacher (Polytechnics/ITE).
  • The Crescendas Medal and Prize for Outstanding Applied Physics Researcher (Polytechnics).


The first three teaching awards were instituted by the Council of the Institute in October 2004 (the Award for Polytechnics/ITEs was instituted in 2014) in recognition of outstanding and innovative physics/engineering physics teaching at institutions in Singapore. As many remarkable teachers nurture and inspire each new generation of potential physicists annually, they deserve greater recognition for their outstanding efforts and novel ways of physics teaching. Awards are also considered for creative teachers who have made outstanding contributions to school Science Societies such as astronomy clubs, shared or fostered physics collaborations with other schools or organizations.

The Applied Physics Researcher (Polytechnics) award were instituted by the Council of the Institute in October 2016 in recognition of outstanding and innovative applied physics/engineering research conducted at Polytechnics in Singapore. This special award was created to recognize that many applications of physics in new products and software were also created in Polytechnics.


The award shall be made annually for outstanding contributions to the public's understanding of physics. The Proposer may also be one of the 3 Referees, with at least one being the Head of Department, Vice Principal or Principal of Schools.

Each award comprises the Crescendas Medal, an IPS certificate and a prize of

  • S$400/- (Secondary Schools category)
  • S$500/- (Junior Colleges category)
  • S$1000/- (Polytechnics/ITEs category)
  • S$1000/- (Applied Physics Research Polytechnics category)

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The World Scientific Physics Research and Prize was instituted by the Council of the Institute of Physics in October 2004. The first award will be made in 2005 to an outstanding physics researcher in Singapore.


The award will be made annually to an individual or team for significant contributions to pure and applied physics research that are recognized internationally. The World Scientific Medal will be accompanied by a Prize of S$1000 and an IPS Certificate.

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The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize The Public Awareness of Physics Awards are made to individuals or groups from any career background, who have demonstrated outstanding inspiration, innovation and enthusiasm in promoting physics (or physical science) to the public. Examples of the types of activities for which awards may be considered include:
  • Facilitating public awareness of Physics, for example organising a public event, physics competition, hands-on physics-related workshop, physical demonstrations, etc.
  • Using visual and performing Arts (Music or Drama) related to Physics and novel ways to reach lay audiences or even the intellectually impaired.
  • Conducting Public Lectures/Talks, Writing of popular books, articles, etc
  • Development and delivery of visual Physics resource materials.
  • Developing Physics interactive toys and exhibits.


This award was instituted by the Council of the Institute in October 2004 in recognition of the importance of promoting public awareness of physics in the world, of its contributions to the quality of life and its advancement of an understanding of the physical world and the place of humanity within it.


The award shall be given annually for outstanding contributions made to enhance the public understanding of physics. Nominees need not be Elected Members of the Institute, nor do they need to be physicists or to have had any physics training - they just need to be excellent communicators! Members of the public are eligible to nominate and act as referees for the outstanding individual for this award. The award comprises The Cadi Scientific Medal, an IPS Certificate and a Prize of S$500/-.


The IPS Nanotechnology Physics Prize was instituted by the Council of the Institute of Physics in February 2005. The first award will be made in 2005 to an outstanding nanotechnology physics researcher in Singapore.


TThe award will be made annually to an individual or team for significant contributions to physics research which has applications in nanotechnology, and that is recognized internationally. The Nanotechnology Physics Medal will be accompanied by a Prize of S$500/- and an IPS Certificate.

Procedure for selection

Proposers who wish to make a nomination for any of the awards should complete the electronic nomination form. Nominations will be considered by the Institute's Awards Committee, which makes recommendations to The President and The IPS Council. Nominations are accepted throughout the year; The deadline for the receipt of Nomination Forms and Referees' Report for the IPS Awards 2020 is 12 February 2021. The winners will be announced in March and invited to a prize presentation ceremony.

Each nomination will be kept for 2 years for review and suitable nominees will be invited to update their Curriculum Vitae.

Eligibility for Awards

Those eligible for the awards should have done physics related works in Singapore for at least 2 years and are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents or have strong Singaporean ties. Award recipients are expected to be Elected IPS Members although they may not be IPS Members before or upon nomination.

IPS Award recipient will not be awarded again for the subsequent 5 years.

The IPS Council reserves the right not to give any award in any particular year for any category if there are no suitable Nominees.


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