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Asian Physics Olympiads

Singapore has been participating in APhO since its inception in 2000, and has hosted APhO in 2002 and in 2014. The current President of the Asian Physics Olympiads is KWEK Leong-Chuan, who was formerly president of IPS.

18th Asian Physics Olympiad 2017

APhO 2017 Team
Singapore Team at APhO 2017.

The 18th APhO was held in Yakutsk, Russia from 1 – 9 May 2017. Our students secured one Silver, four Bronze and three Honorary Mentions. Delegation was led by Dr Wang Qinghai (IPS & NUS), Dr Chen Zilong (IPS & NTU), Ms Chan Kwee Yong (MOE/NYJC), Mr Chng Chia Yi (MOE/MJC), Dr Zhiming Darren Tan (IPS & MOE/CPDD). Also in photo: President of APhO, A/P KWEK Leong-Chuan (IPS & NIE & NUS), and his wife.

17th Asian Physics Olympiad 2016

APhO 2016 Team
Singapore Team at APhO 2016.

The 17th APhO was held in Hong Kong from 1 – 9 May 2016, hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science of Technology. Singapore was ranked 3rd (based on a simple medal tally) behind China and Taiwan, out of 26 countries that participated in the competition. Our students secured two Gold medals, three Silver medals, and three Bronze medals.

16th Asian Physics Olympiad 2015

APhO 2015 Team
Singapore Team at APhO 2015.

2nd row from left: Lim Yu Chen (S), Joshua Lim Yong Kiat (G), Peter Yuen Ho Hin (G), Eric Tay Wei Shinn (G), Jaren Sta Maria (B), Garett Tok (G), Joel Tan (G), Darren Chua Yee Shuen (G)
1st Row from left: Tao Ye, Nidhi Sharma, Sandar Lim, Paul Lee, Bernard Ricardo

The 16th APhO was held in Hangzhou, China from 3 – 11 May 2015, hosted by Zhejiang University. Singapore was placed 2nd out of 25 countries with six Gold medals, one Silver medal, and one Bronze medal. Garett Tok was awarded the "Most Creative Solution in Theory", sponsored by the Materials Research Society (Singapore).

15th Asian Physics Olympiad 2014

APhO 2014 Team
Singapore Team at APhO 2014.

The 15th APhO was held in Singapore from 11 – 18 May 2014. The Singapore team won three Gold medals, two Silver medals, one Bronze medal and two Honorary Mention awards. Qu Xinyi won the award for best female student participant. The team was led by Lim Zhi Han and Tao Ye.

14th Asian Physics Olympiad 2013

APhO 2013 Team
Singapore Team at APhO 2013.

The 14th Asian Physics Olympiad was held in Bogor, Indonesia from 5 – 13 May, 2013. The Singapore team, led by Lim Kim Yong and Lim Zhi Han, won three Gold medals, two Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals.

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