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Singapore Physics League

Singapore Physics League

The Singapore Physics League (SPhL) is a 4-hour online competition in which teams of 3 to 5 students work together to solve a series of challenging physics problems. Being team-based, SPhL will demand coordination within teams, encouraging fruitful and enjoyable discussion of physics. The competition aims to ignite interest in physics by letting teams of students enjoy the process of thinking about and talking about challenging physics puzzles.

The competition will be thrilling and dynamic – similar to a game. Problems will be unlocked in a progressive manner, with live scoreboards to inform teams on how they are performing relative to other teams. The automated scoring system provides instant feedback, so teams know immediately upon the submission of their answers whether or not the problem was deemed to be correctly solved, and have the option to retry and resubmit.

The inaugural SPhL 2021 is open to all students in Singapore secondary schools and junior colleges (or equivalent), with no registration fee. Please visit the official website sgphysicsleague.org for more information about the competition.

For any inquiries, remarks or suggestions, feel free to contact the organisers directly at sgphysicsleague@gmail.com.

Last Updated on 2021-08-13