History of IPS


IPS was first founded in 1972 and to date IPS has more than two hundred Elected Members.


It is a fraternity governed by an annually Elected Council comprising highly qualified physicists or physics-related practitioners in Singapore, mainly from the local universities.


Professor Bernard Tan, a well-known Singapore musician cum composer and physicist, is one of the founding members of the Institute of Physics, Singapore.


In addition to the 24 IPS Elected Fellows are Distinguished Hononary Fellows, that include the current Singapore's President Dr. Tony Tan, Professor Paul Davies, Professor A. Ekert, Professor Christian Joachim, and several Nobel Laureates, namely Professor Jerome Friedman, Professor Steven Chu, Professor Yang Chen-Ning, Professor Gerardus 't Hooft, Professor Horst Stormer, Professor J.G. Bednorz, Professor Z.I. Alferov, Professor Klaus von Klitzing, Professor Anthony J. Leggett, Professor Carl Weiman and Professor Robert Laughlin.